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How To: Capture SQL Server network traffic, convert and analyze in ScaleArc Traffic Analyzer

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How do I capture and analyze SQL Server network traffic without capture file leaving the premisses?



This KB article describes a procedure on how to:

A. Capture the SQL Server traffic directly on the active DB server, using the built-in command line utility called 'netsh'.

B. Convert the resulting traffic capture file in .ETL to .CAP format, which is supported by ScaleArc Traffic Analyzer tool.

C. Open converted .CAP file in ScaleArc Traffic Analyzer and get traffic analysis results for further processing.


A: Capture network traffic on the DB server
1. Connect to the active Microsoft SQL Server database server with Remote Desktop application.

2. At the DB server, open the command prompt as Administrator, or with elevated Administrator's rights.

3. Assuming the folder c:\temp already exists, run the following command to start the network trace:

  netsh trace start persistent=yes capture=yes tracefile=c:\temp\NetTrace.etl

 4. Capture the network traffic for a defined period of time. Run the following command to stop running network trace as follows:

  netsh trace stop 

See the below example for the process of capturing the ETL file:


B: Convert .ETL file to .CAP format using Windows Message Analyzer tool.

1. Install Windows Message Analyzer tool onto your Windows box.

2. Open the .ETL file, generated in the previous steps in the Windows Message Analyzer. See the below example:


3. Go to File --> Save As and Export the capture file in .CAP format, which is required by the ScaleArc Traffic Analyzer tool.


C. Open .CAP file in ScaleArc Traffic Analyzer tool

1. Open the Traffic Analyzer GUI.

2. Click on Traffic Analyzer tab at the top of the screen.

3. As Database Type, choose MSSQL.

4. Click 'Choose File' and find the .CAP file on your local disk and click 'Upload'.

5. Click 'Open' and then click on the analysis report link below. Your detailed SQL network traffic analysis results can now be found below.




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