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How to modify the HA Configuration settings on ScaleArc Nodes in HA (Pre - 3.11 GA)

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3.2 - How To ALL HA



How to modify the HA Configurations settings on ScaleArc Nodes in HA. 


 The Procedure to change the HA configuration settings is as follows:

  • Log in to secondary node of the ScaleArc HA pair.
  • Go to Settings -> HA settings.

  • Click on "Configure".

  • Modify the timers exactly in the order a->b->c. (It is important to follow the order.)

a. DeadTime (s) = 10 -> click on apply

b. Keep Alive (ms) = 1000-> click on apply

c. WarnTime (ms) = 3000-> click on apply

  • Close the pop up window.
  • Restart the Heartbeat Service.
  • Perform HA switch – to make sure you are always making the changes on the Secondary.
    • Log on to the Primary ScaleArc node.
    • Go to Settings >> HA Settings.
    • Click on ‘Switch to secondary’.
  • Repeat above steps on this Scalearc Node(which is the new Secondary).
  • Do an HA switch, just to test if the HA works.

Note: The HA configuration settings should be changed only after consulting with the ScaleArc support. Any misconfiguration cause HA stability issues.



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