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Configuring NAT interface in VMs as a prerequisite for HA setup on the same KVM Hypervisor


Warning - running a ScaleArc HA pair on the same hypervisor is not recommended since it does not provide protection from a failure of the KVM host.

As a prerequisite to setting up HA in virtual machines deployed on the same KVM hypervisor user must configure a NAT interface. 

1. Login to the Virtual Machine Manager.

2. Right-click the first VM and click on Open.

3. Click the lightbulb icon on the toolbar at the top of the window to view virtual harware details.

4. Select the NIC card from the left pane.


5. Click the Add Hardware button to add another interface on the VM with the following details and click on Apply.

6. Reboot the machine.

7. From the command line interface of the VM, use the 'ifconfig -a' command to check the IP assigned to the eth1 interface. 

8. Execute 'dhclient eth1' to configure the network interface (eth1).

9. Use the 'ifconfig -a' command to confirm the IP assignment to eth1 interface.

10. Repeat steps 2-9 for the other VM that will be added into the HA pair.

11. Make sure the IP's configured on eth1 are able to ping each other.

12. Using these IP's configure HA on eth1 interface.


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