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Cannot use "All Ips" in selection box during Kerberos Cluster Creation




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3.2 and Later How-to






Why the "All ips" option should not be selected during creation of a Scalearc Kerberized Cluster just like for a non-kerberized cluster ?


There are two good reasons to not allow such option. These are explained as below:

a. The SPN which is registered for Scalearc host on the Windows Domain controller uses the VIP hostname with the VIP address

and port for the MSSQLSvc service principal. Hence failure to detect such SPN (when using the Cluster ip instead of the VIP hostname)

will not allow to create a Cluster and the error shown below will be  encountered on such attempt:



b.  When the Kerberized Cluster if allowed to Create with a Cluster ip then such ip cannot be used for a Failover to the Secondary in event of emergency or plannned outage. To

overcome such limitation we refrain from allowing "All ip" (Cluster ip) for a kerberized cluster creation in Scalearc. For HA failover we can only use a cluster VIP. Although the primary

and most important reason for not allowing cluster ip stands as explained in a. we also understand this as one of the functionality expectations of Kerberized Cluster.




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