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How To: Trace 'Cluster Monitor Alert' for further Troubleshooting?

How To: Trace 'Cluster Monitor Alert' for further Troubleshooting? 

Release Classification Level DB Platform Categories
Uptill v3.10.1.2 Message ALL Connection Management



ScaleArc notified me about following 'ClusterMonitorAlert' as an event -



If the workaround provided in KB Article does not apply then proceed with below steps to further trace and troubleshoot for root cause analysis.



For monitoring a MSSQL cluster, execute below command from scalearc box every 5-10 seconds and output result to an outfile to capture all errors. This is vital for ScaleArc to check those times when errors occured and look in subsequent logs for any issues with the mssql java client or ScaleArc Core.

sudo java -jar /opt/idb/lib/idb_mssql_java_client.jar <cluster_inbound_ip> 1433 <username> <pwd> 1 1 1 'select /* Cluster Monitor Query MSSQL */ 1' null null 0 RW



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