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Functional Spec: TDS Packet Size

Functional Spec: TDS Packet Size

Release Classification Level
DB Platform Categories
ALL Information TUNE MSSQL Cluster Settings

Parameter Location CLUSTER -> Cluster Settings -> DEBUG
Parameter Type Number
Default Value 4096 B
Value Range (if numeric) 4096 or 8000 B
Modifiable without restarting cluster NO



Microsoft® SQL Server™ uses an application-level protocol called Tabular Data Stream (TDS) for communication between client applications and SQL Server. The TDS packets are encapsulated in the packets built for the protocol stack used by the Net-Libraries. In ScaleArc, it is using the TCP/IP Sockets Net-Library, where the TDS packets are encapsulated in the TCP/IP packets of the underlying protocol.

You can configure the SQL Server packet size in accordance with the size of the TDS packets.The size of the TDS packets can be larger than the size of the packets in the underlying protocol. If this is the case, the protocol stack on the sending computer disassembles the TDS packets automatically into units that fit into the protocol packets, and the protocol stack on the client computer reassembles the TDS packets on the receiving computer.

ScaleArc's default value for 'TDS Packet Size' is 4096 Bytes which is the default network packet size in SQL Sever. 

While the application and DB setup can use up to 32,767 B as TDS packets sizes which are the max allowable for mssql, ScaleArc's maximum supportability is 8000 B and all packets larger than current ScaleArc max size goes into passthrough. As such, ScaleArc allows only two values in a drop down form [4096B or 8000B]

Below MSDN document provides more information on Network Packet Size -
MSDN Article


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