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How to deploy AWS Aurora instances

How to deploy AWS RDS-Aurora instances

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How to deploy AWS Aurora instances?



How to deploy AWS RDS instance


  • Access to ScaleArc's AWS account with full user permissions for EC2 and RDS. 

Log into AWS IAM portal:

  • Click - RDS
  • Before we begin with the Aurora creation, ScaleArc requires parameters for max_connect_errors to be set to 999999 and max_connections to be set to 10000 as a requirement to create a cluster.  We will configure those first: Click --> Parameter Groups
    • Click --> Create Parameter Group
    • Provide the parameter group family and group name. In this case, we will be using Aurora 5.6.   Click --> Create
    • Select the new parameter group and Click --> Edit Parameters
    • Add the following values and Click --> Save Changes
  • Click --> RDS Dashboard --> Launch an Aurora DB Instance
  • Specify DB Details - This is where you can decide what size VM instance to deploy, multi AZ launch for a replica, and configure the name of the logical cluster name and the master user. 
    • For testing purposes, the below settings are sufficient:  --> Next Step
  • Configure Advanced Settings - This is where you can specify the network and security settings.  For DB parameter setting, choose the parameter group created above.  
    • For testing purposes, the below VPC and security groups are sufficient --> Launch DB Instance
  • Navigating the RDS console: 
    • Click RDS master instance
    • Instance Actions
    • Create Replica
  • Each database endpoint has its own DNS name.  The instance with the Writer role is the instance that is accessed from the Aurora cluster endpoint. 


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