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How To: Upload Logs With WinSCP

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How To Upload ScaleArc Logs Using WinSCP SFTP Client ?



1. Download WinSCP SFTP client from, install and open it.

2. Use the following settings :

File Protocol: SFTP

Host name:

Port number: 22

User name: <<username>>

Password: <<password>>

Note: <<username>> and <<password>> were sent separately by ScaleArc's customer support.

3. Click Save and OK

4. Click Login button and fill-in your password

5. In the remote window navigate to "upload" folder.

6. Create new folder with name matching the ticket number, e.g. 123456.

7. Drag and drop the log file archive from your local PC to remote folder.

8. Transfer of your log file is finished.


See the procedure captured in this video: How to upload logs with WinSCP


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