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Best Practices: ScaleArc Timeouts Configurations


Best Practices: What you must know about ScaleArc timeouts configurations.


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What are different configurable timeout settings and their significance present in ScaleArc?



ScaleArc is inserted in between applications and databases transparently, it must deal with two different connections, from your applications to ScaleArc (Client connection) and from ScaleArc to database server (Server connection).

     Categorization of ScaleArc timeout settings into two different groups, reflecting this split between the client and server connections.

1. Client connection timeouts

        1. Idle Client Connection Timeout                       

             KB Article

        2. Surge Queue Timeout

             KB Article

        3. Unresponsive Server Timeout

             KB Article

2. Server connection timeouts

         1. Idle Server Connection Timeout

             KB Article  

         2. Server Connection Timeout

                 Server connection Timeout The maximum time in seconds, after which the server connection will be closed if ScaleArc could not open the TCP connection with the server.


Unresponsive Server Timeout affects both client and server connections, if fall in both groups.







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