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How to turn Auto Fetch Users ON / OFF using API

Release Classification Level DB Platform Categories
v3.4+ INFO
ALL Configuration



How to turn Auto Fetch Users ON / OFF using API?


Enabling Auto Fetch Database Users will auto update the user password changes, new user adds and deletes. Auto Fetch Database Users is OFF by default.

  • To manage the feature using API go to "SETTINGS > API" and hit "Get Apikey" and login using the UI Credentials.

  • To fetch the current status of the "Auto Fetch Database Users" for a cluster select "cluster/-ID-/auto_fetch_user_status" from the drop down menu and click on "GET". 


  • Replace the "-ID-" with the Cluster ID and Click "EXECUTE".  This gives the status as follows:


  • To turn ON the Auto Fetch Database Users. Click "UPDATE" and Enter  "auto_fetch_user_status": "ON" and click on EXECUTE.

  • The status will be displayed as follows:

  • Similary we can also turn the auto_fetch_user_status to OFF.


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