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ScaleArc and yum update

Limitations on the use of yum on ScaleArc systems

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Please read this entire document before using yum for anything on your ScaleArc system. It can damage the system and there is no graceful way to recover.

ScaleArc is dependent upon certain versions of the system libraries, and certain versions of 3rd party products, installed with CentOS 6.6. As a result, the system administrator is cautioned that "yum update" for a full system update must not be run from the command line, and the cron job that runs it automatically must not be enabled.



CentOS uses the "yum" utility to update both the operating system and any installed packages. ScaleArc is dependent upon specific versions both of the OS libraries and of the installed packages. Note that only the installed versions of the system libraries and the packages ScaleArc uses have been tested, As a result, if "yum update" is run from the command line without parameters specifying individual packages, some portions of ScaleArc, particularly HA and the ability of the system to be upgraded to future versions, will be compromised. In addition, after such an update, the customer will be running in an untested environment. While it is permissible to install some individual packages, and to upgrade some packages, care must be taken not to disturb the environment, and also to ensure that the customer is running in an environment that ScaleArc has tested and certified to work correctly.

What the exact effects will be, and what items must not be touched, varies with the installation method and the environment. If you want to install or upgrade a package on your ScaleArc system, please contact support for assistance. We will make every effort to get any package that does not interfere with our operation or the tested configuration installed.

Summary: do not run "yum update" with no parameters at any time, and before running it to update any package on your system, please contact ScaleArc Support for advice and assistance. You should also check whether any package you intend to install has known problems, and for that you should also contact ScaleArc Support before installing.


If you are experiencing issues with ScaleArc or with any of its features, please contact ScaleArc Support. We are available 24x7 by phone at 855 800 7225 or +1 408 412 7315. For general support inquiries, you can also e-mail us at

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