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How To: Export and Import Write Ignore Rules using ScaleArc API?

How To: Export and Import Write Ignore Rules using ScaleArc API?


Release Classification Level DB Platform Categories
v3.6.1 and above How To

ALL Configuration

Please contact ScaleArc Support to assist with this procedure


How to export "Write Ignore Rules" from one ScaleArc appliance and import it into another ?


ScaleArc API can be leveraged to export all Rules from source ScaleArc which can later be imported into destination ScaleArc using curl or PowerShell. Below are the steps to follow

  • For this example, lets choose a ScaleArc with MSSQL DB having 4 'Stored Procedures' in Write Ignore Rule as shown -

  • Go to "SETTINGS > API" and hit "Get Apikey" and login

  • Select relevant API from the drop down Hit "GET" as shown -

  • Hit "ID" button to choose relevant "Cluster" and "Database" to feed into the curl command as shown -

  • Hit "EXECUTE" to get all write ignore rules that are currently present for that Database as shown -

  • Login to the ScaleArc where you want to import these rules.
    note - Make sure that the Database into which 'Write Ignore Rules' need to be imported is added under "Users & DBs"
    For instance in below example, ScaleArc does not have relevant 'Database' added under "Users & DBs", as such it does not appear under "Write Ignore Rules" as well as shown below - 

  • After adding relevant Database under "Users & DBs" you will be able to see that DB under "Write Ignore Rules" as shown -

  • Go to "SETTINGS > API" and hit "Get Apikey" and login. Than select relevant API from the drop down Hit "ADD" as shown -

  • Hit "ID" and select relevant "Cluster" and "Database" to feed in relevant id's to the curl command as shown -

  • Copy the curl command into an editor and prepare a script based on value's received from source [output of "GET" from source]
    You will need to feed in "patternid", "rule" and "status" as shown below -

  • Copy above script and paste into destination ScaleArc's API page as shown -

  • Hit "EXECUTE" and wait for few seconds until you see "success" message along with a "timestamp" as shown -

  • Verify under "CLUSTERS>Cluster Settings>ScaleArc>Write Ignore" is those rules got added successfully as shown -


If you are experiencing issues with ScaleArc or with any of it's features, please contact ScaleArc Support. We are available 24x7 by phone at 855 800 7225 or +1 408 412 7315. For general support inquiries, you can also e-mail us at