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How To: Add DNS and Search Domain using ScaleArc API ?

How To: Add DNS and Search Domain using ScaleArc API ?


Release Classification Level DB Platform Categories
Uptill v3.8.6 How To

ALL Networking



How to add Primary,Secondary DNS and Search Domains using Curl Call or Powershell [API] ?


Follow below steps in ScaleArc to populate appropriate 'Curl Call' or 'Powershell command' which can be executed to achieve desired result -

step1 - Login to ScaleArc UI

step2- Navigate to "SETTINGS > API"


step3-  Hit "Get Apikey" and provide admin login credential 
note: This credential is same as what is used to login to ScaleArc UI as an admin



step4- Scroll down the drop down list to choose "network/dns"


step5- Hit "ADD" to get the curl command
          Hit "POWERSHELL" tab at the bottom for equivalent Power shell command as shown


step6- Provide appropriate "primary_dns", "secondary_dns" and "search_domain" to the curl command and 'EXECUTE' 


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