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ScaleArc: SSL Embedded Certificate Expiration

Problem Summary

ScaleArc Support has become aware of an internal SSL Certification expiration issue that can result in some memory leakage under certain circumstances. Please be aware that this issue can impact your environment, and we ask that you contact our support team as soon as possible to avoid any disruption to your production environment. We will also be reaching out to customers whose environments we anticipate might be vulnerable. Please read on for more details on the issue.

ScaleArc Version Impact

The SSL issue affects all ScaleArc releases – SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle

3.0.x through 3.6.x Susceptible to memory leak
3.7.x or newer No memory leak problems but issue needs to be addressed



DO NOT perform an update of the entire system.

Apply an update provided by ScaleArc Support

ScaleArc Support will have a patch and a standard ScaleArc Update Package available. Please contact our 24 x 7 support team via our customer portal at or by email to schedule your software update.

Note: During the ScaleArc update, you may need to restart the ScaleArc instance, which might cause applications to see connection errors and retries.  

Additional Details

  • The issue was identified on Feb 17, 2016
  • This issue may affect environments where ScaleArc is set up as an Active / Passive High Availability (HA) pair.
  • The connectivity between the ScaleArc pairs relies on an SSL connection, which requires an embedded SSL certificate. This SSL connection is used to keep the HA pairs in sync on configuration changes and caching among others.
  • The internal ScaleArc SSL certificate expired on February 11, 2016. As a result, connectivity between the Primary and Secondary ScaleArc instances fails, causing two issues:
    • When the Primary's SSL connection establishment fails, sync fails, so the Primary is unable to sync any changes to the Secondary
    • When SSL connection fails, the Primary may experience a memory leak. This leak can eat up memory fast, causing the Primary to slow down and reboot. 
  • The sync between Primary and Secondary ScaleArc instances happens under the following scenarios and will trigger the issues associated with the expired SSL certs:
    • Initial deployment and setup of ScaleArc, or when an upgrade is done in the customer environment
    • If Caching is used in existing environments, cache usage and data being processed is sync'd between the two nodes
    • Any runtime changes of configuration on the Active ScaleArc instance will cause an HA sync
      • Examples: Cache rules update, configuration changes, and other system updates


If you have any questions specific to ScaleArc appliances, images, or other deployments, please contact ScaleArc Support directly using our Support Portal: